How to open Facebook links to external browser [ Ultimate Guide ]

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Are you looking for ways to know How to open Facebook links to external browser? Facebook is still one of the most popular social media applications worldwide despite the hate and privacy issues. You can find most of the features you would expect on the app, like stories, messages, birthday reminders, and even your market.

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Facebook also had its web browser in mind back then, which it was keen to add. Users were forced to use the dated in-app browser instead, which didn’t work. Apart from its other shortcomings, the way the Facebook app opens internal links is a major concern.

  • Open the Facebook application.
  • You will see the hamburger icon to the left.
  • At the top of the page, you’ll see a menu with a Settings button beside it. Click the Settings button.
  • You’ll find the Media option in the middle of the page. Click that. 
  • You can find the Links open externally option at the bottom of the Media option. It will not be checked by default, so make sure you do.

For iOS

You cannot automatically open Facebook links in the external browser if you use an iOS device. By manually opening links in an external browser from the Facebook app, you can force them to open.

  • Click the Facebook app icon.
  • Navigate to the link you wish to open.
  • You can open it manually by clicking on the three dots at the bottom right. Normally, it will open in the in-app browser, but you may also use the in-app browser.
  • The Open in Browser option will appear after clicking on the three dots. Select this option.

For Windows

Some of the very few people still use the Facebook app from the Microsoft store, in which case external browsers will be opened by default. The previous issue was different, as you had to click on the Open in Browser option manually, the same as on iOS.

You’re done. Forcing the Facebook app to open links externally can be achieved by following the above methods. You may find it useful to open links in an external browser so you can use your preferred browser and gain extra control features.

Final Words

We hope you will find our article helpful about opening Facebook links to an external browser. It’s as simple as that. Instead of external loading links in the slimmed-down in-app browser, the Facebook app will display these links directly in your web browser. If you have any questions and suggestions, write to us in the comments section.